Mom, you are a businesswoman. And you rock!

Every Mom is a businesswoman.

Justyna Nowicka
Mother. Businesswoman. Entrepreneur.

When you think of a young mother, of a little baby, or two or three what is it that comes to your mind first? A messy house, long park walks, sweatpants, lots of screaming, crying (from whichever party)? Or a glamorous lady walking in the sunshine with her beautiful stroller, drinking tea with her mommy friends in one of the Costa shops, gossiping during playtime, getting her beauty sleeps when the baby is sleeping?

Whichever one of those popped in your head, or a combination of both, I bet that not many of you thought: businesswoman.

Yes, this is who you are. Who we all are. A businesswomen.

The day you become a mum, you have a new role. And no matter how long you have been studying for this job or any other job in the past, it is all new and more often than not, you simply have no clue what the hell you are doing.

But together with a baby you suddenly became a business owner. Yes a business. A company called a household and a family. 

You are managing (or doing your very best to!) company expenses, suppliers, procurement process, operations, HR, client relations and management relations. And your management at least for the first few months happens to just eat, shit, sleep and cry - giving you very little instruction on how to fulfill your duties. You have to manage their expectations but they have not gone through the “Advanced communication techniques” course yet, the one you completed years ago at uni.

You are now an office manager, executive PA to your tiny boss, finance director, head of external relations, HR executive, director of operations, cleaner, cook, party planner, and wellness expert looking after your baby’s health and well-being 24/7. You are a head researcher on all baby groups, mother and baby classes, local nurseries and childminders, nannies, Au pairs, pediatricians.

No one should ever underestimate the level of responsibilities, creativity and business acumen that mothers learn whilst being a mother! Add another baby to the mix, add a dog and suddenly your HR duties and coordination abilities have to multiply in an instant. 

Unfortunately, I often see that mothers themselves underestimate their own value and the qualities they learn and apply on a daily basis. Show me any “professional” business environment, office, production line, laboratory, hospital, retail store, hotel or a restaurant where one person would need to cover so many functions! It does not happen. 

So as and when, and if, any mother wants to go back to an outside business world after being managing the household and the family for whatever long she decided is best, you should damn right list in your resume all the functions you were holding and so many you still hold in that business of your own. And be proud and confident in explaining how those have supported your professional development and how this level of multitasking will be a clear and extremely valuable asset to her new employer. 

Or... Take matters in your own hands moms!

So many of you already are. Put all those skills to use in your own startup venture. There are so many brilliant entrepreneurial mothers around! Building their own brands, products, services which often come from the experiences of being a mother. I am seeing inspiring stories every single day, powerful influencers, Instagram gurus, moms that rock and do an amazing job. Those two ladies below are doing smashing job and are an example of how to rock as a mum entrepreneur, no matter what is your are of interest. Check their accounts by clicking on their photos. 

Lauren is building her business via Instagram documenting her mommy and baby moments with the most amazing photos. And the brands are already taking notice!

The work this mum is doing is outstanding! She promotes awareness of the  SPD/ASD by showing us the joys, challenges and reality or raising a child affected by a condition.

I am here myself now, with my two children being 5 and 3 and my dog happy and content, I am building a catering business, KID-bay Parties, with a strong focus on catering for the kids parties. This is what I actually have been doing for the last few years! Without realising it, I was running a catering business for my family, for my friends, for my kids and their friends. And I love it. So why not? Why not go out there and build something that can bring us commercial benefit whilst we actually adore doing it? You surely have the skills!

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