5 benefits of lunch boxes over buffet

When deciding what type of food to serve on your child's birthday party, consider those 5 benefits of lunch boxes over traditional buffet:

1. It is cheaper - if you want to provide quality food, choosing lunch boxes over the buffet can save you few hundreds £ depends on the size of the party. 

2. It is cleaner - all packed in box, there is no mess around the serving tables, display of buffet food does not get distorted and cleaning after is a minor. 

3. It is fun! - little guests get to feel like they also have a present to open with lovely food and small hidden snack treasures inside. Especially with KID-bay boxes which come with a nice ribbon ;-)

4. It is easy to organise - you do not need space to serve the food, but can stack the boxes up in a safe place (or display if you wish) until it is time to serve. No need for kitchen, plates, cutlery, cups and all the hassle that comes with it. 

5. CONVENIENCE - all you do is ordering boxes on-line and relax until the party; boxes arrive ready to be served. So easy! 

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