Kidbay Parties mission is to inspire all party goers to enjoy healthy, delicious and beautifully presented party food. As the only children catering supplier officially registered with local authorities in Sutton and Kingston, and awarded 5* food hygiene rating, we guarantee high quality childrens party catering. 100% satisfied clients and 5* Google rating is a great testament to our work. 

You can choose any of the catering options below. Please feel free to mix and match, we are super flexible and open to new ideas. For example, if you are hosting a kids birthday party, why not order a stunning grazing table for the parents as well? If you have a favorite recipe you would like to include, just let us know and will do our best to add it to your party. With a range of dishes, including vegetarian, vegan or gluten free options, Kidbay can cater for any taste or dietary requirements. If you are looking for catering for corporate event, visit our sister company London Loves Catering.




Cold buffet kids menu includes selection of sandwiches, colorful fresh fruit and vegetable platters, savory finger food skewers and selection of sweet snacks. 

Sandwich fillings: ham & cheese, egg cress, salmon & cream cheese, jam, cream cheese & cucumber, chicken mayo, tuna sweetcorn

Sweet treats: apple pancakes, apple muffins, chocolate or vanilla cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, angel cake, chocolate dipped marshmallows

From £10.00/person


Hot & cold buffet includes all the cold buffet options PLUS a range of delicious hot finger food and plated food options that kids enjoy. It was developed with them!

Hot finger food: hot dogs, mini burgers (beef/veg), chicken wings, chicken strips, meatballs, potato fritata (Spanish omelet)

Hot plated food: meatball rigatoni in tomato sauce, tomato rigatoni, lasagne (beef/veg), sweet chicken rice, veg fried rice, jacket potato with cheese & beans.

From £13.00/person


Dessert table options are endless. Our candy bars / dessert tables include variety of home made delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies, biscuits, chocolate sprinkled fruit skewers, marshmallows dipped in chocolate and covered in crunchy sprinkles, crackers, crisps, colorful candies. If you have a color theme in mind - we can take care of the dessert table to make sure it matches beautifully. 

All the sweets are displayed in such a delicious way that even grown ups will struggle to resist the temptation.

From £200.00/table (approx 30 people)




Adult buffet includes variety of international dishes prepared from the fresh and locally sourced ingredients, best meats and fish as well as range of vegan and vegetarian options. Take a look at the section below for a detailed sample menu. 

Mix and match your main dishes, with sides and salads for an amazing culinary experience for all your guests. 

From £10.50/person 

Hot buffet menu option, Roast organic vegetables with bacon. Kidbay Parties, London Loves Catering adult buffet option.


Beautiful, colorful, healthy and amazingly tasty combination of fresh and dry fruit, vegetables, cheeses, meats, crackers, nuts, and dips. Great for office lunches and family events or as a beautiful table centerpiece during large events. 

We can also set it up in a form of a buffet for all guests to enjoy snacking while socialising and networking. 

From £50.00/platter (approx 5 people)

Grazing board with cured meats, cheese, fresh and dry fruit, vegetables, grapes, olives, tomatoes, dips and crackers. Catering menu offered by Kidbay Parties, London Loves Catering.


Trendy grazing table experience arrived to London from New Zealand around 2017. It is a buffet of new proportions and style! You can enjoy meters' long tables of best cold snacks you can imagine. Perfect for corporate parties, weddings and store openings.

Styled with fresh and dry flowers for the additional WOW-factor it is sure to impress any guest.

From £200.00 (approx 15 people)

Grazing table with layers of cured meats, cheeses, fruit and vegetable. Offered by Kidbay Parties, London Loves Catering.

Hot buffet sample menu

(Minimum order for 20 people)

Main dish options

Choose any dish and as many as you please @£6.50 per dish per person

Chicken dishes 

Chicken devolay with cheese and pickles 

Honey & garlic chicken leg with fresh cranberries

Roast chicken on a bed of vegetables 

Sweet pineapple chicken 

Chicken curry East African style (mild, medium or hot) 

Pork dishes 

Pork ribs in honey glaze 

Pork ribs in onion gravy 

Succulent slow cooked pork belly 


Pork shanks in beer marinade 

Lamb dishes 

Lamb and pepper skewers 

Roast lamb shank in rosemary and garlic 

Slow cooked marinated leg of lamb 

Lamb curry East African style (mild, medium or hot) 

Fish dishes 

Whole sea bass in vegetables 

Whole plaice 

Milk infused salmon steaks 

Greek style cod under a blanket of vegetables 

Vegetarian dishes 

Gnocchi with creamy mushroom sauce 

Cauliflower schnitzel 

Feta stuffed tortellini in tomato sauce 

Mushroom stroganoff with campanelle pasta 

Creamy courgette lasagne

Vegan dishes

Herby pearl barley with roasted butternut squash

Crispy kung pao cauliflower

Chickpeas with dates, turmeric, cinnamon and almonds

Moroccan veggie soup

Chilli with quinoa and black beans

Side dish options

Choose any dish and as many as you please @£1.50 per dish per person 


Creamy mash potatoes with fresh black pepper and nutmeg

Parmesan potatoes with gherkin and spring onion

New potatoes with garlic butter

Chunky chips

New potatoes with dill sprinkle


Garlic infused basmati rice

Onion fried rice

Mixed vegetable fried rice (onion, carrot, corn, peas, green beans)

Plain steamed rice

Egg-fried rice


Couscous with orange

Lemon and almond couscous

Herb and ginger bulgur

Fresh herb and lemon bulgur


Garlic bread

Fresh baguettes

Plain or garlic naan

Basket of artisan breads (+£10/basket approx 5 people)

Salad options

Choose any salad and as many as you please @£2.50 per dish per person 

As it is with desserts, there are endless options when it comes to the salad. We are huge salad lovers here at Kidbay Parties Catering so you can be sure that you and your guests will experience variety of colors, flavors and textures. Here are some examples, but please let us know if you would like to see particular salad at your party table and we will happily deliver. 

Greek salad 

Broccoli and crispy bacon with roasted sunflower seeds and almond flakes

Green salad (broccoli, lettuce, green beans)

Traditional coleslaw 

Red cabbage coleslaw

Boiled vegetables (carrots, parsnips, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower) 

Chinese lettuce & red peppers salad 

Mixed leaf salad with goat cheese, walnuts and balsamic vinegar dressing

Tomato & onion salad 

Feta, watermelon and parsley salad